All major Google apps now have a Privacy Label feature

Four months after Apple first started requiring apps to add the App Privacy label to their App Store listings, Google has finally updated all of its most popular apps with the information, for everyone knows exactly what data Google is collecting. Google finally all major Google apps now have the Privacy Label feature in February after months of delays. For example, Gmail had an App Security label on February 22, and other apps have been updated slowly over time.

All major Google apps now have the Privacy Label feature 1

Google Maps quietly updated its privacy information last week, and as noted by The 8-Bit, Google today updated its final major app with details on App Privacy , add information to Google Photos.

Because it took so long to add the App Security label, many Google apps went months without an update. Apple began enforcing the App Security label on December 8, and any new apps or app updates submitted after then must include the information.

All major Google apps now have a Privacy Label feature

Back in February, it had been two months since Gmail was updated and the app started giving users warnings that it was out of date and needed to be updated, but of course there was no update. Gmail was finally updated on March 1.

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Although Google ‌Photos‌ and Google Maps now have an App Security label, the apps have not been updated. It’s been four months since Google Maps and Google ‌Photos‌ had bug fixes or new features, which is unusual because Google usually pushes updates regularly.

It’s unclear why Google delayed adding the App Privacy label to its apps for so long, as this isn’t surprising given that the company is collecting quite a bit of data from users. For example, Google Maps uses raw location, search history, browsing history, identifiers, and usage data for third-party advertising purposes, with Google Search using much of the same information . All of the data that Google is collecting is now listed in the ‌App Store‌ for each individual app for those interested.

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